Ridge and Valley Renegades

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12/10/18            Ridge and Valley Renegades Snowmobile Club

Next Club Meeting is at the Village Pump in Ithaca WI

December 12th @ 7:00pm 

Bring $25.00 For Membership Dues for 2018-2019 Season

Listen to 100.9 for updates on Snowmobile Trail Opening and Closings 

Like us on facebook to get meeting and informational updates  

Hello fellow Snowmobiler's & Club Members,

Its that time of year again. Our club trail is all marked and ready to ride minus a few hiccups on the Sauk side of the trail where there is still corn standing.  

Remember to renew your membership or become a new member by utilizing the dues tab at the top of the screen. The money that is recieved from membership dues is utilized on our club trail to provide some of the best and safest riding in Richland County. Also with your membership to this Club it will allow you to obtain a discounted trail pass that is required by state law to be displayed on your snowmobile to legally ride Wisconsin snowmobile trails.  To obtain a discounted trail pass please visit www.awsc.org for more information on how to apply.   

Ithaca Bear Valley Trail (Club Trail)
This is our club trail that is maintained by our Club this is the only trail in Richland County that is classified as a club trail that is 17 miles of wonderful riding. 

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